Park Avenue Lounge Suite – Fabric covering

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    Seating Clean lines, with duvet-style seats
    Unique seating technology The seats have added memory foam for extra comfort and durability
    Backrests The backrests are of medium height – low enough for a more modern look, but with sufficient height to provide perfect back support and lumbar support
    Legs Solid, wooden legs in a choice of light or dark stain to suit the upholstery colour
    Details The inlay is available in either a complementary contrast colour or with the same colour as the rest of the suite
    Armrests Softly padded, yet still smooth and neat in appearance
    Upholstery cover Available in a wide range of fabric types, textures and colours to suit any decor preference
    Warranty Unique 10 years limited warranty for customer peace of mind and confidence
    Other Combinations Available Any combination of above


    Specs (H)mm (W)mm (D)mm
    3 seater 980 2090 980
    2 seater 980 1840 980
    2-arm chair 980 1220 980