High Lift Power Motion Chair – Fabric covering

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High Lift Power Motion Chair (Price applicable for fabric covering)

  • The lift up mechanism in this chair was developed to assist people battling to get up from a normal chair. This chair is very popular amongst the eldery for this reason, but definitely also for the comfort and reclining function extending to a lay flat position.
  • The motion of the chair is controlled by a simple remote control connected to the chair


The La-Z-Boy® Brand
Since the first La-Z-Boy®recliner was patented in 1929 the brand has had a unique place in the minds of consumers all over the world. La-Z-Boy®did not stop there and has been perfecting the art of reclining comfort ever since and is one of the most recognized names in furniture. It`s no wonder why everyone refers to a chair that moves as a La-Z-Boy®Look for the La-Z-Boy®name to know you are buying the genuine article.

10 Year Limited Warranty
The patented La-Z-Boy®mechanism carries an amazing 10 year limited warranty and has been designed and tested to operate a minimum of 100 000 times normal use of the recliner. Ask yourself this, which other motion furniture manufacturer offers this type of warranty?

Recommended safe operating weight restriction: 120 KG