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10 Year Limited Warranty on all La-Z-Boy® Products.

Our Current Best Sellers


Colton 3 Piece Lounge Suite 2:2:1 (3 action)

Original price was: R51,999.00.Current price is: R49,499.00.

3 Piece Lounge suite  – 2 : 2 : 1  combination – Ideal for smaller areas.

3 Action – Fabric covering

Amazing value for money.

Also available in Leather uppers


Trend Home Theatre Unit – full leather

Original price was: R37,999.00.Current price is: R35,999.00.

This Home Theatre Incliner suite is
available in the following combinations:
2-seater with Centre Console
Single Incliner chair
Rocker Recliner (see Recliners)

The Incliner chair is supplied with any one
of the following actions:

The Trend Home Theatre has the
following upholstery cover choices:
Leather Uppers
Full Leather

Dimensions (HxWxD):
2-seater with Centre Console
1010 x 1910 x 1030mm
Incliner chair
1010 x 910 x 1030mm


Pasadena 4 Piece Daybed – full leather cat.3

Original price was: R66,999.00.Current price is: R63,999.00.

The Pasadena Daybed has the
following upholstery cover choices:
Leather Uppers

Dimensions (assembled as per image)
950-1140 x 3640 x 1860mm

Dimensions (individual parts for
customization) HxWxD:
Single-seater with 1 arm
950 x 1050 x 1040mm
No-arm chair
950 x 780 x 1040mm
950 x 1030 x 1860mm

If it doesn’t say La-Z-Boy… it’s not a genuine La-Z-Boy!

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Recliners are specially designed and styled just for you. We all need a friend that will always be there to support us when we need them most. So let us help you find yours. La-z-Boy’s® reputation for comfort, quality, and appeal has spread across the world, including South Africa, where La-z-Boy® quickly became a household name for recliners. There remained only one true brand and the best news is that it’s better and more stylish than ever before.


The genuine La-Z-Boy® is unique in many ways and offers features and benefits that many other recliners have not been able to achieve. There’s a reason why La-Z-Boy® offers a 10 year limited warranty. The first thing that stands out on a La-Z-Boy® recliner is the Comfort Selector. This is the handle that controls the foot rest and enables you to select any of the 3 foot rest positions. You have the option of the Comfort Selector being a wood or chrome finish, to complement your fabric or leather colour selection. Further identifying marks on the La-Z-Boy® recliner, incliner and lounge suite is the actual La-Z-Boy ® name.




La-Z-Boy® is once again at the forefront of technological innovations, this time in the form of high-performance fabrics. iClean fabrics are perfect for homes with children, pets and everyday life. This innovative technology surrounds each fibre, creating a barrier of protection that repels spills before they turn into stains. iClean fabrics keep your furniture looking beautiful while giving you peace-of-mind. You can feel comfortable with your furniture – and even life’s little mishaps when they happen.